Drone and Aerial Video

At times clients need more than a ground level video.  The product or service they are promoting may best be shown through aerial video.  Modern Concept Media offers two premium solutions for clients in need of aerial videography.  First, we offer drone recording and second, we can record high-quality video from a plane…yes, a private plane.

Drone Aerial Video

At Modern Concept Media, we love cutting-edge tech.  Drone technology allows us to take high-quality aerial video and photography from 1 foot off the ground up to 400 feet high.  That’s a little higher than a 30 story building!  The ability to get this type of height allows for spectacular views.  Drone aerial video is perfect for:

Beyond just the listing property you can showcase the neighborhood, nearby parks, schools, recreation, and other geographical features such as proximity to beaches. Don’t just say it’s a great location, show it!

Get outstanding videos of the job site and record the progress. Record and share big events such as crane work or custom glass installation from a unique and breathtaking perspective.

Imagine showing the progress from ground break to first swim. Aerial drone video allows pool companies to show how they work within a space to transform a plain backyard into a gorgeous oasis.

Whether you are organizing a Festival, Concert, Arts & Craft Fair, or even a Race, our drone videography is a beautiful way to capture your event and promote future events. Event videos can even be packaged and sold allowing you a whole new stream of income.

Drone recording is permitted only during daylight hours. Modern Concept Media features a licensed drone pilot and observes all FAA and local regulations.  While drone video is sufficient to meet most aerial video needs, sometimes you need more height – that’s where our plane comes in!

Airplane Aerial Video

Yes, we own a plane and we use it to create a stunning aerial video for your business.  Our licensed pilot has over 15 years of experience and works seamlessly with our video expert.  Aerial video can be recorded above 1000 feet in populated areas and as low as 500 feet in non-populated areas.  These heights allow for amazing scenic videos that can be introductions to commercials for your business or feature geographic areas relevant to your product or service.  These videos are phenomenal for municipalities, real estate companies, event promoters, and more.

If you are looking to break the mold and add stunning video to your marketing, we invite you to contact us.