Video Clients

Technical and SEO reasoning aside, video is very effective at establishing a connection between your brand and your target market. Think about it, every year companies pour billions of dollars into TV commercials. Half of SuperBowl viewers are more interested in the commercial than the game. Commercials are in essence, mini-videos.

In today’s market, before client’s do business with you they research you. According to trusted sources such as Adweek,, and Hubspot consumers:

  • Over 60% of consumers research products and companies online before buying
  • Over 90% of Business-to-Business B2B clients conduct online research before buying

Google is the dominant search engine that can sink or swim your online presence. They favor video content so much that they now own YouTube. In both desktop and mobile searches, Google’s algorithm favors websites and social network pages that contain video content.

Modern Concept Media specializes in producing short-form videos that last between 15 seconds to a maximum of about 5 minutes. Most of our client videos are 90 seconds long. Why short-form? Because these are most effective in digital media forums such as websites, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networks. Online viewers, especially mobile, prefer videos less than 2 minutes in duration. Longer than that, and attention starts to wane.
We are champions of Small Business. Studio produced videos can cost business owners thousands of dollars. Modern Concept Media taps into advance mobile Apple technology to produce HD videos more affordable. Our video and editing is done primarily using iPhone and iPad technology and software. We typically shoot on location or we can secure studio space if needed for your specific video project.

Videos for your business, when done well, can have the same draw of interest and emotion. By blending visual, voice, text, and audio, videos provide a broad sensory experience that is compelling and memorable. Potential clients and existing customers can get to know you, your brand, your products your services. Videos are also extremely effective in creating customer loyalty.

The types of video we produce include:

  • Informational / Introduction Videos
  • How-To Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Product or Service Commercials
  • Client Testimonials

We’re affordable, we’re fast, and we produce high-quality videos that you will be proud to publish. To learn more, contact Diane, with Modern Concept Media to discuss your ideas and learn how we can help you reach and engage your audience with top quality, affordable videos.