Drone and Aerial Videography

Enhance your video with drone videography!

The product or service you are promoting might best be showcased from an aerial perspective.

Modern Concept Media offers two premium solutions for clients in need of aerial videography. First, we offer drone video recording and second, we can record high-quality video from a plane…yes, a private plane.

Drone Video

At Modern Concept Media, we love cutting-edge tech. Drone video technology allows us to take high-quality aerial video from 1 foot off the ground up to 400 feet high. That’s a little higher than a 30-story building! The ability to access these heights allows for spectacular views.

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    Drone Videography is perfect for:

    • Watercraft Industry • Insurance Companies • Realtors • Landscaping Companies • Home Inspectors • Nosey Neighbors • Roofers • Tourism

    Examples of what Drone Videography Can Do for Your Business:

    Drone videography is permitted only during daylight hours. Modern Concept Media partners with a licensed commercial drone pilot and observes all FAA and local regulations.

    While drone videography meets most aerial video needs, sometimes you just need more height – that’s where our plane comes in!

    Airplane Aerial Video

    Yes, we own a plane and we use it to create a stunning aerial video for your business. Our licensed pilot has over 15 years of experience and works seamlessly with our video expert. In our airplane, video can be recorded above 1000 feet in populated areas and as low as 500 feet in unpopulated areas. These heights allow for scenic videos that can be introductions to commercials for your business or feature geographic areas relevant to your product or service. This is a phenomenal video marketing tool for municipalities, real estate companies, event promoters, and more.

    A Special Note:
    Techies, if you are interested in how we get such great video footage while on the move, please check out our Equipment page.

    We want to help you to break the mold and add stunning video to your marketing strategy, contact Diane about the best options for your business.


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