Frequently asked questions

How to capture sound when filming?2015-06-30T04:38:42+00:00

To ensure quality in our client’s videos we selecting shooting locations very carefully. We use a quality microphone and sound buffering equipment.

Do you really use an iPhone to shoot video?2015-06-30T04:37:56+00:00

Yes! Apple has paved the way in mobile video production. The technology and software in a standard iPhone is on par with most studio equipment and produces beautiful HD quality video.

I need a video, but I hate being on camera, what can we do?2015-06-30T04:37:15+00:00

Good news! There are ways to get around that. We can use stock photography, stock video, product shots, and many other tools to create an impressive and effective video without putting you on camera.

Do I really need a video to promote my business?2015-06-30T02:59:40+00:00

Yes. Even if you have a local brick and mortar business, consumers expect businesses to have a website.  Google strongly favors website that have video. A professionally crafted video can edge you ahead of competition in Google ranking and also allows potential customers to get to you know and your product.

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