This month’s blog has been written by an esteemed businessman, David Bates. He is an experienced Real Estate Consultant who uses video in his business extensively. By using a lot of video email, he enhanced the experience of “just” an email. He has developed videos for the areas he services, distributes them to prospects, uploads them to YouTube, and more. All this activity enriches his clients’ experience with him and helps him grow his business. Thank you, David, for sharing your experience in using video.

What a Difference Video Makes

The use of video in my business has made a tremendous impact on me being able to stay in touch with people I know and the information I can provide to them. Video is that one connection that helps people see you, what you are doing and information that is helpful to them.

I use video for the various events that are happening in the area. I can then post those videos on YouTube and anyone can then see what I have posted. It might be something they are interested in knowing more about, visiting, or even going to a restaurant I talked about.

Video is the next best thing to being there with an individual. I make videos as if I am speaking to just the one person who is watching the video. I make videos on any number of topics from driving down a main road along the beach or in a neighborhood I monitor closely, to restaurants and events happening in this area. Those kinds of videos are what people are looking for when they come into this area for vacation, or just a different restaurant to visit.

My videos are now at a point where people who don’t live in the area but are coming down to buy a home or for vacation are asking me questions about the area that I could do a video on.

Videos have made a big impact on my business. I enjoy making them and thankful that people appreciate seeing them. I would encourage everyone to begin producing videos, create a YouTube Channel and post them to that channel. If you need help getting started or want to leverage that out, I would contact Diane Kutz!

David Bates,
Real Estate Consultant
Keller Williams Gulfside Realty

If you have been using video to promote your business, please leave a comment and share how you use it? What do you like most about the process? What do you like the least?